As a Wargames Club we are fairly unique as we have our own permanent wargaming venue, which has meant we have 24 hour access to it seven days a week.

After a qualifying period, usually six months, a member may have keys to enable games to be played at times other than official Club nights.

Annual Membership Fee of £10 is normally collected close to the time of the AGM (April each year) or if new members joining part way through the year, this will be on a pro-rata basis.

Subscriptions are £5 per week to play once. Further plays in a week are an additional £2 each.

You may elect “Full Membership” whereby you commit to pay £5 each week regardless of attendance but in exchange you do not pay for any extra plays.

Committee as of 2017– 2018

Chairman:  Steve Horn
Treasurer:  Rick Prior
Membership:  Mike Jones
Terrain:  Steve Davies
Conventions:  Jay Mercer

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