Rules and Tips

If starting out in Wargaming or just getting back into it after a period of time the best thing to do is just come along to the Club on an official Club night and have a look round and a chat.

We operate an “open door” policy and you are very welcome to drop in anytime.

Some of the rules we game are:

 Bolt Action  WW2
 Fire & Fury  ACW
 Black Powder  Musket Period
 Hail Caesar  Ancients
 Warhammer  Fantasy & 40k
 Crusader  Medieval
 Flames of War  WW2
 HOTT  Fantasy
 Warhammer Ancients  Ancients
 Lord of the Rings  Middle Earth
 Dead Man’s Hand  Wild West

There are many more rules we use including “House” rules for various periods such as Pirates and AWI, as well as various board games.

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